Loving Prayer Partners

This month our theme is love, and I would like to blog about some loving Lutheran ladies who have recently inspired me.  A year and a half ago at the district women’s meeting of our denomination, we decided to start a prayer partners program.  The idea was to match up women from a different congregations in the district, thereby deepening relationships between both individuals and churches.

The lady who volunteered to organize the program has become a wonderful Christian sister. Her name is Karen.  Karen calls herself “everybody’s prayer partner” and she has lived out that role by sending each of us a package once a quarter.  In this “prayer package” she includes Bible verses and fun activities.  This year her goal is to call every one of the prayer partners so she can get to know them personally and see how they are interacting with one another.  Now that’s love!

Karen could not be at this year’s conference and so another woman from her congregation spoke to us about the program.  Her name is Audrey.  Audrey shared that her prayer partner was in a nursing home, and she had not heard from her all year;  however she thought of her often, prayed for her and sent her cards.  I spoke with Audrey afterwards, and told her how impressed I was that she continued in prayer without getting any response back .  Her answer?  “I just wanted to do something for someone else.”  I was truly humbled by Audrey’s loving attitude.

As it turns out, Audrey’s prayer partner is a member of my congregation.  When Bea’s 84th birthday came around this month, Audrey sent me a check to buy her some flowers.  Karen called Bea on the phone and sang “Happy Birthday” to her.   What an inspiration these two ladies have been to me — reaching our selflessly to women they do not know to share Christ’s love.

I cannot end without mentioning my personal prayer partner, Gay Lynn.  She has a  support to me this year.  We email all our concerns and hold each other in prayer.  I wish that everyone could experience the comfort of a faithful, praying friend.  We got to meet each other and get a big hug at the conference.

I would like to hear what experience other ladies have had with prayer partners. Has your experience been valuable?  What have you learned from this kind of connection with other Christian women?  Do you have questions about finding a prayer partner? Send us your comments and thoughts!

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My husband is the retired pastor of St. Paul's Free Lutheran Church in Leitersburg, Maryland. I have two grown daughters, three grandchildren and am retired after a career in Purchasing. I have published articles in The Lutheran Ambassador, Lutheran Witness, and Lutheran Digest. My Bible study on the Book of Acts was published in 2016 by the Women's Missionary Federation of the AFLC(Association of Free Lutheran Churches).

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