Living Sacrifice

“Present yourselves as a living sacrifice”             Romans 12:1

The Old Testament of the Bible talks a lot about sacrifices.  They sacrificed animals, grain and wine for sin, birth, thanks and a multitude of other items.  We read about this practice and try as we may we can never really fully comprehend what it would be to offer a sacrifice in this manner.  The reason is – We don’t have to.  Thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we no longer provide burnt offerings to God on an altar.  Does this mean we no longer have to offer a sacrifice – No it does not.  In the Book of Romans 12:1 we are told

“To present yourselves as a living sacrifice”

What exactly does this mean?  That’s a great question.  All I can do is tell you my interpretation of it.  We should live everyday to God’s glory only.  In all that we do, in all that we say and most importantly in how we present ourselves to others.  Give freely of your time, love and finances in His name without a need of recognition in any form.  Our spare time should be spent in learning more about Him through His word.  I am sure that anyone who has studied the Bible more than me can expound on this to a greater degree, but I am all about keeping it simple and to the point.

If we are totally honest, no one can really say that they sacrifice all for God.  Most of us have decent homes to live in, cars to drive, cell phones and a multitude of other items that we feel we need; but are not really necessary they just make our lives easier and/or more comfortable.

Now comes that question I have for you.  What are you willing to sacrifice for Him?  He gave his life for you and I, what will we give Him that gave all?  I am going to think about this for a while and try and post a comment in a week or so.  Let me know what you are thinking and how this post made you think about those material things we feel are so important to our lives.

Always remember – God Loves You And So Do I

Michele Edgel

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