My Personal Rebirth

When the theme for this month was chosen, I figured with all the Bible verses we have to choose from it would be pretty easy to find one to focus on, but for some reason my brain will not do that, it wants to tell my story.  (I am hoping it is God pushing me.)

I was baptized at 8 days old, promised to the Lord at an early age, but didn’t go to church or act like a Christian for a long time.  It has only been pretty recently that I have felt an overwhelming need to walk a straighter line and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Now if you have been following this blog, you already know that I consider myself a work in progress (granted a lot of work still needs to be done) and that I try hard every day to be a better person, but know that I fall short no matter how hard I try.

Fortunately, thanks to Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, I am reborn white as snow on his eyes.  But in my eyes, I still fight with my feelings of sin and undeserving nature of his gift.  I believe that these feelings of “guilt” are what make me want to do better.  I usually believe that this is the way God steers me down a better path, but sometimes wonder if it isn’t Satan trying to get me to fall again. (Which I do on a regular basis)

Everyday I struggle with feelings but do not allow them to shadow what He did for me.  I am NOT perfect, but I am perfect in His eyes.  Praise the Lord for that.

I hope that by opening up with my experience, that others will comment on theirs.

Are you like me and fairly new to being a Christian?

Have you always followed God’s path?

I really want to know, please comment.

Always remember   –  God Loves You And So Do I

Michele Edgel

4 thoughts on “My Personal Rebirth

  1. I have been a blood bought born again Christian saved only by my faith in Christ’s finished work on the cross. I also have not lived out my faith like we are commanded until 2011. The Holy Spirit convicts me to live my life in a way worthy of what Christ has done. I believe the KJV Bible teaches that baptism of infants is wrong, regardless of what a religion teaches, and that presenting children to the Lord is encouraged.. (Hannah). I continue to try to do the Lord’s work until He returns. Praise Him, He also forgives me of my sins.


    • Julie
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on the blog post. I would like to ask a question, since you stated that it was in scripture. Could you please post the scripture reference that we are not to baptize children, since I am fairly new to reading the Bible, I am not sure where that is located. Thanks for your input, I encourage all opinions as long as they are done in a constructive manner.


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