Via de Cristo

I came home yesterday exhausted but renewed from spending the weekend with 50+ Christian sisters and a few brothers. The brothers that were there were Spiritual Leaders (pastors) from various churches and there was one brave soul who volunteered to be our tech person.  I’ve always loved getting away to be renewed this way and have done this (when I’m able) since 2001. My first weekend was a turning point in my life.

At that time I was married with two teenaged boys and working full time.  My husband was recovering from having a Grade 4 malignant brain tumor in 1999.  I was trying to manage his health, work, home and the boys.  I really wasn’t doing well mentally or spiritually.  I felt like a nervous breakdown was coming on all the time.  I went to our pastor to see if anyone in the congregation would be suitable to be a mentor for me since I was struggling so badly.  He sent me on a Via de Cristo (The Way of Christ) weekend instead.  I’m so glad he did.

The biggest, but not the only, thing that the weekend helped me with is that I am not alone.  I could take my burdens and give them to the Lord and he would guide my path.  Of course this is a learning process, but I had the tools I needed to continue on.  The neat thing is, I got a mentor, too!!

As the years have gone by I’ve served on these weekends providing support to other Christian women who come.  Every time we meet it is different; as different as the people who attend.  But the Lord is always there, wrapping us in His love.  We laugh, we cry, we sing, we praise His name..  we pray.  I come home fed (not with food, although food is there), full and relaxed.  The world has fallen away for 3 days while we go to the mountain of the Lord.

This year I feel strengthened in my determination to study, pray and write more.  I want to know Jesus more fully.  I want to know what He has in store for me, my direction.  I feel this direction will come to me as I study, pray and write.  Part of the writing is for this blog!

God Loves You and So Do I (GLYASDI)

Beth Ann

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