My Personal Rebirth – Part 2

Well, I really didn’t have a lot more to say about this, but since I received a comment I feel it needs to be addressed.

The person who commented stated that in the KJV Bible we are told not to baptize infants. Well, that is not true. I have spoken to 5 different pastors/priests and none of them know of any verse that states that. Now if YOUR religion believes in that, that’s okay, but when you imply that it is in the Bible I require the back-up so that I can look for myself. If I am not mistaken Jesus just tells us to baptize the world, I do not believe he follows that with a disclaimer on infants or children. Now I may be wrong, but I have given the person who commented plenty of time to provide me with verification of the statement they made.

Does anyone else have a need for proof when they are told the Bible tells us to do something that we were not aware of???

Please comment and let me know. I invite all comments and discussions, even those that do not agree with me; HOWEVER, if you state that the Bible says something, be ready to back it up with Book, Chapter and Verse. Just Saying.

Remember – God Loves You And So Do I


2 thoughts on “My Personal Rebirth – Part 2

  1. As conservative Lutherans, we rely on the Bible, the word of God, as our authority in “testing the spirits.” Lutherans rely upon references to baptizing the “household.”(Acts 16:15) which would have included everyone Jesus’ words to “make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18b-20) and “permit the children to come to Me; do not hinder them.”(Mark 10:13-16). I am not aware of any verses which limit baptism to adults. Lutherans also believe in “one baptism” as professed in the Apostles Creed. It doesn’t matter if you were immersed or sprinkled, or in what Christian denomination your baptism occurred; Lutherans do not require rebaptism.
    I would also be interested to hear from those of other denominations about their beliefs on baptism and how they support them.


  2. Michelle, I too am in agreement that I need to have proof in scripture that is clear on any given subject. That said, there are gray areas that the Bible does not speak specifically to (baptism not being one of those, I agree with Joan 100%). I encourage you as you are becoming more knowledgeable of the Scriptures that you do so because that is the only way you will know God’s Truth for yourself when faced with situations were someone is stating that the Bible says this or that. Sometimes what we have learned is not truth but sometimes it is, and we as believers need to know the difference. That is why intent study of the Bible is so crucial. If you don’t study God’s Word with devotion it is hard to tell the truth from the untruths. Love ya Lady! Keep writing, I have been enjoying your words!


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