Praying for our Church


St. Paul’s Free Lutheran Church in Leitersburg will be 190 years old in August.  I am on the committee to celebrate the anniversary and we wanted to start things off on the right foot — prayer.  Remember in Leslie’s recent blog she said, Pray first?  So we are having a prayer vigil tomorrow, and many members signed up to pray for 1/2 hour, specifically for St. Paul’s.  I’m hoping our fellow bloggers and readers will join us.

As part of the Prayer Vigil, we asked members to write their prayers for our church and we printed a booklet.  I’d like to include just a few:

Here at St. Paul’s where many Pilgrims before have been guided, comforted and informed to strengthen their faith and trust in God by His inspired word, I pray His truth will continue in the generations to follow that they too will seek and learn to love the Scriptures.  May our hearts be guided and nurtured by the Holy Spirit as we meditate and grow spiritually and reflect His character in our daily lives.  May our people be conscious of the truth, holiness and sovereignty of God, our Creator, our salvation and hope.  I pray we help one another experience a relationship with Christ and our joy in Him will endure forever so we can all be standing proud with His Church at His glorious return.  Our church is here to prepare us for that great day when we will live in His presence.  Thanks be to God for His Church!


My prayer for our church is that we can find a unity to work as one toward His glory.  That we always remember the sacrifice He made for us and that we are unworthy.  That we stand and affirm that the pure word of the Lord is preached and that the sacraments are given as taught in His word.  That we accept all newcomers with the heart of Jesus, see them with the eyes of Jesus and serve with the hands of Jesus.  That we show the love and forgiveness to others as we ask for from Him.  And last but definitely not least–that we all come to Christ as His humble family in one body, and with the reverence He so rightly deserves.


My Prayer for St. Paul’s

Spiritual Continuity & Purity

More Forgiveness Among Members

Better Stewardship

Spiritual Guidance for Our Leaders

Marathoners Instead of Sprinters

Continue Our Music Ministry

Trusting God in Future Endeavors

Continued Good Fellowship with Christ Community Church

Increased Search by Members for Biblical Wisdom

To Learn From Those Who Died in the Faith


What are your prayers for your church?  Are they similar to ours?  Will you pray with us for St. Paul’s tomorrow?  Please let us know.


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