A Prayer Through the Storms

The Friend I Have In Jesus

How is it that you find me, everywhere I roam,

Standing right beside me, never leaving me alone?

It’s because you are the chosen one, whom God sent to us in every way,

The one who died on a cross, taking our sins on that precious day.

You melt our hearts with love, and dry our tears when they fall,

You wrap your arms around us and always listen when we call.

The glorious Son of God and Savior to the nations,

Giving us a chance to be forgiven, helping us man our battle stations.

Your take us on great journeys, as far as the East is from the West,

Giving us your divine instructions and leaving us to do the rest.

We, your faithful servants try to discern your will for our lives,

However unsure or nervous we are, sometimes even as painful as piercing knives.

Somehow through all the pain and anxiousness you reveal your peace at last,

Letting us experience the calm in the storm, helping us to stay strong and steadfast.

Everywhere I look and turn, you are never far away,

My Jesus, my friend, my Savior, who’s with me every day.


I wrote this poem one night after chapel on a Via de Cristo weekend. I read it when I am going through hard things and reminded that I am never alone, Jesus is always with me. It is my prayer through the storms of life. Do you have a comforting prayer or poem that you go to for strength and comfort?

In His Love,

Leslie Winston


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About livingwaterdesigns

I have been married to my high school sweetheart and pastor husband, George, for almost 23 years. We are currently serving St. John's Lutheran Church in Newark, Ohio which is a part of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations. We were both born and raised in Maryland, raised two beautiful daughters there, and now we have a granddaughter! We are both active in the Vineyard Via de Cristo chapter in Maryland. I have published writings on this blog, The Lutheran Ambassador, and the AFLC bulletin devotionals. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and I pray that my writings glorify Him and inspire others along their journey of faith!

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