Forgiveness Isn’t An Option

As a Christian we are expected to forgive everything and anything that we encounter in our life. I try to do that, but let us be honest here, forgiveness is not always an immediate response. Is we feel that we have been wronged by someone, our first instinct is to lash out or become irritated. Well guess what, that’s because we are human and are full of sin. I believe that even if our first response is to lash out it is our final reaction that means the most.

Asking for forgiveness from God is easy, but asking for forgiveness from the person/persons we have wronged is a lot harder. It is our responsibility to accept we have done wrong with our reaction and asked for forgiveness from them even if it is hard.

Praying for those that we feel have wronged us is difficult at first, but if you continue to do so, you will find that it becomes easier to actually mean the words you are saying.

So, I guess the moral is – DON’T ask for forgiveness – if you WON’T give it.

Just saying

God Loves You And So Do I

PS I struggle with this as well so do not feel like the Lone Ranger out there.

2 thoughts on “Forgiveness Isn’t An Option

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