Freedom Is Not Free

I know all of us have heard this expression, a lot, but have you ever turned it towards what Christ did for us on that cross? He paid a price that was terrible so we can have our freedom. Freedom from the sentence of death from sin. Wow, it is mind blowing to think about it. I could spout all the scripture in the Bible or quote numerous theological writers but the cold. hard facts are that Christ died for us to pay a debt we could never, ever pay; so that we could have freedom from death and instead have the gift of eternal life. What is grace? It is the following:
G – God’s
R – Redemption
A – At
C – Christ’s
E – Expense
His payment, our freedom. Think about it = Do you repay Christ everyday for this freedom? Do you stand up for Him, as He hung for you? Do you cherish this freedom or take it for granted? Some days I am better than others, but in all honesty, I do not do justice for the payment He gave for me. I hope that by coming to this realization, I can strive to be better, I mean He deserves my best doesn’t He, He gave me His.

God Loves You And So Do I
Michele Edgel

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