Is the Bible Your Companion?

“Clement of Alexandria described Christian life in terms of the Word acting as companion educator (paidagogos) of the Christian person.  The paidagogos in Hellenistic culture was a family servant who from a child’s earliest years took him in charge, accompanied him to school through sometimes perilous streets, was with him as he made his way through a bustling city and through his example helped him to live in his environment.  His task was not primarily academic…The paidagogos helped him to learn through companionship itself …The same would take place between Christ and the Christian person …a continuing dialog takes place between Christ and the person and the dialogue occurs in shifting circumstances and through states of development.  In anyone’s life, dialogue with another person close to him changes as both people grow.  Clement’s image encourages us to assume the same will true of our relationship with Christ.”

from The Practice of Spiritual Direction, Barry & Connelly

I like this quote.  It reminds me that it is through God’s  written word(the Bible) we develop a relationship with The Word (Jesus Christ).  We should study it until it becomes our constant companion and educator throughout all the trials, disappointments, joys and challenges of our life.

4 thoughts on “Is the Bible Your Companion?

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