Disturbing Words


“For the word of the Lord is living and active.  Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow;  it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”  Hebrews 4:12

Sometimes studying the Bible can be unsettling.  We read or hear things that we don’t understand;  things that don’t seem fair, even things we don’t like or agree with.  The verse above tells us that this is to be expected.  Studying the Bible sometimes reveals just how sinful we are, how far from understanding God and living according to His will.  When that happens it is up to us, not God, to change.  This is the process of sanctification and for our own good, we should welcome it and participate in it.  Will we ever be perfect?  No.  Will we ever completely know God?  No.  But we need to study the Bible seriously so that we can grow toward being the new creation God wants us to be.

Here’s a quote I like about this:

“You know no disturbing voice?  God never points out to you a pathway altogether different from the one you had planned?  Then you, my brother, you are still in the land of slavery, in the land of darkness.

G. Campbell Morgan

Has God’s word ever called you to do something you hadn’t planned?  Tell us about it.





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  1. I have had thoughts of homeschooling my children. Every ounce of my being is against this. I have minimal patience and two toddlers. Yet, I keep feeling a niggling of something telling me to think about homeschooling my children. I think this may be God, but I am unsure. I guess I will pray about it.


    • Dear Smart Blonde, praying is the best idea. Pray for God to confirm his will for you. Sometimes when I am seeking God’s will, the same idea will come up in a variety of ways, without my actually asking or seeking it out. I have certainly had the experience of feeling called to do something that doesn’t seem sensible or is out of my comfort zone, so keep an open mind and heart. And remember whatever you decide about homeschooling, it doesn’t have to be a “forever” decision. I will pray for you as well.
      Do any of our other Lutheran Ladies want to offer a comment?

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      • Thank you, I appreciate the reply and the comment about it not having to be a forever decision. I definitely need to pray about it. And, I really do appreciate your prayers. God Bless.