Interactive Study Blog Part 1 – Hebrews

So I know it has taken forever, but bear with me I recently started a new job and am working a lot of hours. As I stated in my initial blog every blog will be about my interpretation of the book of Hebrews; chapter by chapter. Sometimes, if I am able I may review 2 chapters. The object of this blog is for everyone to be involved. So I will post my blog and give the followers 2 to 3 days to respond. Looking forward to your insight.

Hebrews Chapter 1

Okay, so this was a fairly short chapter. I lucked out for the first one. Here is my comprehension of what we are being told:

Since the beginning God has provided us with persons to preach his word. In the Old Testament, we had prophets – but did we listen to them?? NO So He sent His Son to tell us how to live – Do we listen to him?? No This chapter clearly states that Jesus is above all but God, Every person and angel are to worship Him. He came down to remove the old laws – Not the commandments, but all the laws regarding how to eat, what to sacrifice, etc. Jesus pretty much tells us that we are to do two things – Love your Lord God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.

This is my interpretation of the first chapter – Now I am ready for your input.

God Loves You And So Do I

Michele Edgel

2 thoughts on “Interactive Study Blog Part 1 – Hebrews

  1. Michele,
    After he had provided purification for sins,(giving himself as a sacrifice and taking our sins upon himself), he sat down (his sacrifice was completed) at the right hand (Matthew 20:23- Christ was given the highest place of honor by the Father) of the Majesty in heaven.
    Prayer Partner,


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