Interactive Study Blog – Hebrews Chapter 2


Well, this will be the second in a series of 13 blogs – one for each chapter of Hebrews; and already I can see a common thread in all the chapters. The Old Testament tells us repeatedly about Jesus coming as our salvation and chapter 2 brings it home. God confirmed throughout the scriptures that Jesus is the only way to salvation, it took His sacrifice to bring us right with God. This chapter also tells us how Jesus is the future of our world and that is something, I believe, that we can look forward to. Jesus is our salvation and understands the lure of temptation because, he himself, was presented with and resisted the lure. We cannot seem to garner the same amount of strength as He did and resist that lure. I guess it is a good thing we have Him to rely on.

I know that these blogs are not real long, but I feel that the chapters do not require a long dissertation. These blog are only short recap and I want everyone to read the chapter on their own and post comments, this is the best way for us to delve into the chapter more deeply by responding to others perceptions.

I am looking forward to the responses on this. Let me know what you got out of the chapter.

Be ready Chapter 3 will follow shortly.

God Loves You And So Do I

Michele Edgel

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