What Stands Out?–Hebrews Chapter 2


“Now in putting everything in subjection to him, he left nothing outside his control.” Hebrews 2:8b

After reading Hebrews Chapter 2 a number of times, I decided this is the verse that stands out for me, that I want to spend some time meditating about.  Jesus is in control–EVERYTHING is subject to His will.  I should know this, after all He is God:  but do I act like this?  Not really.

In daily life, I act as if I am in control.  There are many things I want to change, and I work very hard to do that.  Wouldn’t my life be much more peaceful, if I accepted my circumstances as God’s will for me right now and asked Him what He was trying to teach me?

If Jesus is in control of EVERYTHING that means he is my master.  But do I live as if He is?  No, most of the time I do what I want or what I think is best without praying or consulting the Bible.  Wouldn’t I make better decisions if I spent more time with Him?

Chapter 2 helps me see myself as the SINNER I am and see Jesus as the PERFECTION that He is.  And yet He came to save me.

Now, what stands out in this Chapter for you?  Send us your posts and comments.


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