Interactive Study Blog – Hebrews Chapter 3


Well here is my interpretation of this chapter – Please comment or guide me if you have additional insights.

With this chapter, we find the writer letting us know that Jesus is more supreme than Moses, this leads me to believe that the words were originally delivered to persons of the Jewish religion to let them know that Jesus is the Savior referred to in the Old Testament.

When it tells us not to harden our hearts, I firmly believe that we can apply that to ourselves in today’s time. How often do we, even though WE have the word of God to go by, do things our way and not His way? If we read His word, pray for His guidance and live by His word we could not possibly harden our hearts to all the gifts He bestows on us.

Thanks for reading.
Always remember —

God Loves You And So Do I

Michele Edgel


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  1. Spot on Michele! I miss you so much. You are a wonderful writer. I have been throwing myself a year long pity party since moving to TN, and I’m ready to give it to Christ and let him steer me in the way He wants me to go. I don’t know what his plans are for me here, but I’m sure moping around isn’t one of them. GLYASDI. Love you girl. Tell the hubby Lew and us say hello.

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  2. I appreciate your comments. I am enjoying this type of blog and am considering doing it again. Joan, you are am inspiration to me and that is why I picked this book. Sarah, you are an incredible child of God and if you open your heart He will guide you to your mission for the Kingdom. I love both of you very much.