Interactive Study Blog – Hebrews Chapter 4


Here we go folks – Chapter 4 – Thank you for taking this walk with me. I look forward to your comments below.

This chapter opens with God’s promise of rest, but the rest referred to is not a rest from our physical labors, but rest of our soul through His salvation. The writer is telling us that there is still time for us to receive His grace of salvation. We go on to learn that God knows all, sees all and hears all – So, that means when we do things we think we are hiding from everyone – guess what – GOD KNOWS. If, at any time, we think we are pulling the wool over His eyes, we are only fooling ourselves. We may be able to hide things from our fellow humans, but we cannot hide anything from our Father. We are also reminded that Jesus was appointed the Great High Priest and is uniquely qualified to be in this position because He was able to resist temptation and show obedience to His Father. Jesus can provide us with not only immediate spiritual help but can be sympathetic to our problems. Now just to make this statement understood better – Just because Jesus can be sympathetic DOES NOT mean He likes it – Big Difference.

I feel that this chapter shows God’s amazing and gracious love for us.

Thank you God for all your amazing gifts, but especially for the gift of salvation through your Son, Jesus Christ.

God Loves You And So Do I

Michele Edgel


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