The Church Family

I read this definition of a family once and liked it so much I copied it down and saved it.  No family fulfills this description better than the church. 

A family is a deeply rooted tree with branches of differing strengths, each receiving nourishment from an Infinite Source.

A family is where character is formed, values learned, ethics created, and ultimately where society is preserved.

A family is where all members contribute and share, cooperate and work, accepting their individual responsibility for the good of the group.

A family is where holidays are celebrated with feasting, birthdays remembered with gifts, and thoughts of other days kept alive by reliving fond memories.

A family is a place where each member can go to find solace and comfort in grief, pleasure and laughter in joy, and kindness and encouragement in daily living.

A family is finally a haven of rest, a sanctuary of peace, and most of all a harbor of love.


3 thoughts on “The Church Family

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