Church Memories

“Tell it to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation.” Joel 1:3

As part of the celebration of St. Paul’s 190th anniversary, we collected memories from current and previous members.  It was amazing to see how many people gave memories from their childhood or the childhood of their children.  People had good memories of Vacation Bible School, Luther League, Christmas pageants, Easter egg hunts, Youth Group trips, singing in the choir etc..  Parents remembered baptisms, confirmations and  seeing their children growing up and taking part in the life of the church.  Many people were remembered — pastors, Sunday School teachers and superintendents, friends.

Growing up in the church is a blessing.  It teaches not only the Scriptures, but leadership and self confidence.  It gives a support network of love and encouragement.  It is indeed an experience to be remembered and treasured.

Did you grow up in the church?  Did your children?  What did it mean to you/them?  We want to hear your stories.

“…Let the children come to me, do not hinder them;  for to such belongs the kingdom of God.”  Mark 10:14

1 thought on “Church Memories

  1. This post reminds me of so many childhood memories. Growing up with parents who were active members of the church, almost all of our big moments revolved around different church activities. My sister and I looked forward to the yearly church yard sale, putting flowers on the Easter cross, and decorating the church Christmas tree. We had roles in Christmas plays and spent our summers running around with our friends at vacation bible school. I could also always depend on my ‘second family’ to provide me with goodies on Sunday. Mr. Roop always had a pocketful of candy and Mrs. Puff always had some powdered doughnuts to share before Sunday school. It reminds me of the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”. What better village then one grounded in the word of Christ, raising children to grow into adults who love the Lord and hopefully bring their children to the church community…

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