The Five Solas, pt. 5

  • Sola Fide, by faith alone.
  • Sola Scriptura, by Scripture alone.
  • Solus Christus, through Christ alone.
  • Sola Gratia, by grace alone.
  • Soli Deo Gloria, glory to God alone.

Glory to God Alone

It’s taken me a while (and I still struggle with this) to realize that God owns everything.  Yup, it’s all His.  You’d have to wind it all back to the creation and then bring it forward again when you think about this.  Since God created the Heavens and the earth and all the things in it then even now everything is His.

OK, from my little bit of learning, I understand that everything in the world is made up of atoms.  The atoms are made up of neutrons and protons and those are made up from quarks.  I’m not a scientist and I don’t want a lot of flack about this, however, after a bit of research I’ve found that all these neurons and protons are held together by a “strong force”.  I haven’t found anything that really explains what the “strong force” is beyond a electromagnetical field.  WHEW!!  Yes, we are talking quantum physics here!!

My point in bringing all this up is that God created all this and I believe He is holding it all together.  Wow, try to wrap your mind around that one.  Maybe He is the “strong force”!

I have to mention here that when Eve bit into that apple way back at the beginning, sin took hold on this earth and that is why there is so much trouble now.  But God is the maker.  Glory to God Alone!


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I'm into Christian Music and play acoustic guitar, sing on the choir and I am active in our local Via de Cristo movement.

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