Interactive Bible Study -Hebrews Chapter 12

Hi, it’s Joan posting for Michele again.  We’re closing in on finishing the Book of Hebrews.  What would you like her to pick next?  I believe she is considering Titus or 1 Timothy.  Send Michele your suggestions, I know she will want to hear them.

As with all fathers, discipline is a necessary thing to keep us on the right track.  In Chapter 12, we are told that God only disciplines those he loves for doing wrong.  We must strive every day to live as Jesus did and witness the good news of His salvation to all.  If we do not witness as commanded by Him, we can expect to be disciplined by our father, God.

All God’s discipline is so that we may share in His holiness.  Use any discipline He sends as a lesson to be more holy and not as a desire on the part of God to punish.

2 thoughts on “Interactive Bible Study -Hebrews Chapter 12

  1. Michele & Joan,
    I’ve studied Titus & 1Timothy in another Bible class so to study the same scripture again could make for an interesting discussion. Where did you get your knowledge from? Thank you for sharing the Word with us as you have a very busy life.

    Prayer partner,


  2. Karen
    All the postings on this study blog are from reading the scripture and interpreting it the best way I know how. I sometimes use a NIV Study Bible; but in reality most are just my interpretations. Good or bad. I love you, my sister in Christ and have already study and written something on Jude then it is off to Titue is that is okay with everyone. Stay a strong Christian in a world against us.


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