A Thanksgiving Resolution


Ps 138:1 “I will give You thanks with all my heart; I will sing praises to You before the gods.”

Without God’s Grace in my life I wouldn’t, couldn’t agree to anything that would give God acclaim. Before my redemption and release from sin I was bound to pursue darkness and the gods that live in it.

Choosing Christ was an impossibility before Grace gave me faith. Now, I can now desire to “sing praises to You, [Jesus Christ] before the gods.”

God’s blessed Grace allows me to make this Thanksgiving Resolution: To offer up wholehearted Praise to my Savior regardless of my circumstances. He is worthy! He is good!

I will thank You!

I will praise You!

I will obey You!

I will glorify You!

I will trust You!

I will.

In the good and secure times, I will give You thanks for Your provision and Your steadfast love.

In the dark and dreadful times I will give You praise for Your Eternal Presence and giving me songs in the night.

In times of difficult and painful decisions, I will give You my obedience as I find Your comfort and peace.

In times of my acclaim, I will graciously receive it with humility, always acknowledging Your goodness and mercy to me.

In times of correction and development, I will trust in Your unfailing and unerring love for me.

With upraised hands in joyful surrender and unbound thanksgiving I say, “I will!”


:: This thanksgiving, why not read Psalm 138 aloud during your festivities. Make time to thank God for what He has done in your lives. Resolve to sing praises to Him and exalt Him above the gods of this world! ::


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