New Month/New Theme


Our theme for this month is obedience –not a popular concept in our culture.  Oh, we may obey in some ways because the consequences for disobedience are unpleasant:  speed or run a red light, and you’ll get a ticket and a fine;  refuse to get to work on time and you’ll be fired;  steal and you may go to jail … things like this.  For the most part, however, we’re taught to be our own person, follow our bliss, resist being a “door mat.”  Behaving this way will (supposedly) lead to happiness and fulfillment. This idea isn’t anything new.  Go back to the book of Judges (which we’ve been studying in our Sunday School class) and you will find that “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”(Judges 21:25). Sound familiar?  Or even further back, to Genesis when Eve decides “that it(the tree) was good for food and that it was a delight to the eyes, and that the tree was desired to make one wise” and so she ate it, going against God’s clear instructions to the contrary.” We humans have been a disobedient bunch, almost since day 1.

So this month let’s ask ourselves the hard questions.  Do we want to be obedient to God?  Why should we obey Him?  What are the results of obedience (and disobedience)?  How do we even know what God’s will for us is?

Send us your ideas and questions.  The Lutheran Ladies will be listening, praying and posting.

Remember God loves you and so do we!



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