Free Time

When I worked for the school district, they had a weekly column in which employees were interviewed. It was kind of a “get to know you” segment where each employee shared some information about their personal life, such as who was in their family and what their hobbies and interests were. Well, eventually it became time to do my column. What I wrote was that I enjoy gardening and cooking and spending time with friends and family. That seemed better than admitting the truth. What I really did for a hobby was come home exhausted from work and lay on the couch watching Netflix until I fell asleep.

Does anyone else struggle to find creativity in their life? Sometimes it seems like we get so caught up in the daily activities of chores, work, and errands that there does not seem like time for anything else. Any free time seems better spent catching up on rest and vegetating in front of the television. However, while those activities might be needed sometimes to rejuvenate ourselves, they are used far more than is needed.

First Timothy 4:14-15 “Do not neglect the gift you have, which was given you by prophecy when the council of elders laid their hands on you.  Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.”

My goal for this month is to make better use of my free time. I am not exactly sure what gifts I have, but it seems worthwhile to reflect on what they are and how I can better use them. Does anyone have any feedback on how they have found their gifts and what they are doing with them? I am open to suggestions!!

2 thoughts on “Free Time

  1. One place to start is to think back over your life and identify the things that have given you the most pleasure and sense of accomplishment. Do they have a common denominator? Writing, working with children, organizing a group, etc.. Also, ask a few close friends what they see as your best qualities and talents. We can talk more about this.


  2. Kate,
    My response to your question is – I have recently found myself unable to effectively manage any of my time very well. I used to be pretty organized and felt like I got a lot accomplished, not anymore so I am going to take your advise and start better managing my time. I will be realistic and know that I will not be able to change overnight, but I can at least start the ball rolling.
    As far as my creative side – writing on this blog is the only creative thing I am doing at this time, but I would like to find the time to write more poetry or maybe the book I always thought I could write. Who knows what the future may bring – but one thing you can now for certain is that God Loves You And So Do I


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