The Gift of ????


I had to chuckle when I read Leslie’s post about the gift of gab ….that is so not my gift, although it’s one I admire and sometimes wish I had.  I’m a quiet introvert, so I guess my gift is …. holding my tongue?  …..listening? ….silence?  What would be the opposite of gab?

My gift can get me in trouble, too.  Sometimes I don’t speak up when I should.  Sometimes people misperceive me as snobby or aloof or unfriendly.   Sometimes I think of just the right words of sympathy or encouragement …just a little too late.

It’s easy to envy somebody else’s gift, but it’s a bad way to spend my time.  Isn’t it better to give thanks for the wide variety of talents and personalities God has created?  When we get together with someone who has different abilities than we do, great things happen.  We complement each other.  We balance things out.  We can accomplish things together that we couldn’t do alone.  God planned it that way.

“But, as it is, God arranged the members of the body, each one of them, as he chose.  If all were one member, where would be body be?  As it is, there are many parts, yet one body.”  1 Corinthians 12: 18-20


4 responses

  1. Joan, I love you sister! Isn’t it funny because I definitely admire your gift too! That’s how I know God has a great sense of humor


    • You are so right! God knows what He is doing and He does not make junk. Gabby and quiet, He can use us all.


  2. In those times when it seems like it’s “just a little too late,” say them anyway. It’s never too late for sympathy or encouragement, and sometimes it turns out to have been at just the right time.


    • Yes, you’re right. Sometimes there is an opportunity for a do-over. Reacting slowly isn’t an excuse for not doing the right thing if you can.