Listening to Music


Yes, I spend some of my time listening to music.  While I drive to work and back I listen to the local Christian station.  I pick up new songs and sometimes the songs I listen to just uplift me.  I sing along if I’ve learned the words and just have a good ole time.

I have a new favorite:  I Got Saved by Selah.  Selah always has good music and I have several of their CD’s.  They have a Traditional Hymns CD that is wonderful.  Their arrangement of “There is Power in the Blood” is fantastic.  Anyway, I digress.

This song takes me back to my childhood when my Aunt Viola took us to a gospel sing at a local arena or theater.  All this song is missing is the really low bass.  Otherwise, it’s a wonderful song.  I love the line “I’ve Got Jesus, How could I want more?”



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  1. I think Beth Ann makes a good point — we can do something relaxing that is also edifying. Any other suggestions?

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    • I love to sing too! Singing to me is so comforting! In fact, it drives my family crazy…i sing no matter where I am, no matter what song is on, if I know the words, I sing. It is ingrained in my veins, I can’t help myself! No matter what I am feeling God uses music to help me concentrate on Him and what messages He wants me to hear in the words of the songs.

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