Traveling Companions

This is a poem I wrote years ago to my husband.  It’s my attempt to describe how two very different people become one in their shared journey through life.  It reminds me of this verse from Genesis: “Then the Lord God said, it is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.” 


Every love is a poem

        in a foreign language

     with two possible translations.


Every love is a story

        with two different authors

      narrating the same plot.


Every love is a work of art

        molded and perfected

     by two visions of beauty.


Every love is a song

       written in two keys

     sung with one voice.


Every love is a journey

      through two countries

  traveled together.

Every love begins and ends

With God

Who made us for one another.

3 thoughts on “Traveling Companions

  1. Traveling Companions

    Many hours he spent with maps & on the computer organizing our great 7,200 mile vacation,
    I checked on his selection of hotel reservations and called to reserve them. After a long day of travel a waiting room was a comfort.

    Our vacation adventure took us to water, mountains. caverns, rodeo, desert, & relatives through all types of elements on a two wheeled vehicle(me as passenger) from the Great Lakes to the West.
    Last dinner during vacation I directed him to a favorite restaurant of ours which is 20-25 minutes from our house.
    He didn’t have kitchen clean-up & I didn’t have to shop, prepare and serve a meal.

    We both gave thanks, held hands & asked God’s blessing before this trip while during & after the trip gave thanks at meal time grace.
    After the trip during discussion we found we each had been praying all along as we traveled on our journey. We both agreed it taught us a very good lesson.

    I had been a member of St. John’s church & he was baptized and became a member the night (rehearsal) before we were married.

    He held my hand as we walked along the path to the doorway of our home. We were greeted by our family and our pew was vacant 🙂 – waiting for us. Our final hymn was “O Beautiful For Spacious
    Keeping you in my prayers,


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