Lutherans Explain the Trinity

The trinity is a mystery that as humans we will never fully grasp.  I found this explanation on a website about Lutheran Confirmation that does help show how Lutherans think about the it.  I remember our Pastor used the ice, water, steam analogy during the confirmation classes our daughters attended.  Readers, how do you understand the trinity?

Explaining The Trinity

How do we explain the Doctrine of the Trinity? The following are often used to explain the Trinity.

1) Triangle: Like God, a triangle has three sides. Yet it is only one triangle. This is the most common explanation of the Trinity and is often depicted as the following diagram.

2) Water: Like God, water has three forms–ice, water and steam. 

3) Math: 1 x 1 x 1 = 1. Each person of God is like the “1”–fully God, yet separate.

Ultimately, all of these analogies fail. Why? Because we cannot describe God, who is greater than all of creation, with humble elements within His creation. Christian Theologians have sought to explain this doctrine for hundreds of years. Yet, it still remains outside of our complete understanding. 

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