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Marriage is like taking that huge step off a cliff and not knowing how it’s all going to end.  But for most marriage starts with two people, deeply in love, that commit to stay with each other until death do us part.  We have stars in our eyes and we know that life is going to be so wonderful.  Then the problems start.

Most marriages today don’t have the commitment factor that they used to.  Yes, I know that people have stayed in miserable conditions just because they married the person they have come to hate.  It takes two to commit together, two to stay together.  Two hearts need to stay as one.  During the wedding God knits two totally separate people and makes them one.

Now, my marriage wasn’t the greatest.  Both my husband and I had problems.  We actually separated for awhile and then came back together.  We learned to live together and we had a good relationship.  Was it the wonderful lifetime that I imagined when we stood at the altar, no.  It was hard work, but we made it through.  My husband has been gone for over two years now and I can look back and see all the good and bad.  One of the good things is that we were committed to keeping the vows, to stay together through it all.  And we did.

This song by Andrew Peterson totally pulled at me from the first time I heard it.  It is so truthful.  We should take the words to heart.  We shouldn’t just walk (or tiptoe) through the minefields in a marriage, we should go dancing through them.  Sail through the storms.  Knowing that Jesus is the Lord of the relationship should cause us to rejoice.  So, let’s go dancing!!


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  1. Being realistic..Martin Luther wasn’t in love when he first wed but as time progressed had a loving relationship. His “Katie” (wife) took in boarders, gardened, nursed, head of the livestock and took on the responsibilities of domestic chores etc. while he took on the responsibilities of preaching, study, spreading the Word and translating the Bible etc. They probably had a few minefields to dance through!
    Prayer partner,


      • Beth Ann-
        I think we will agree- we are a work in progress. I am not a very good dancer:(
        God loves you and so do I
        Prayer partner


  2. Beth Ann, You have a dancing theme going on here, don’t you …you had another post about dancing in the rain. I guess it goes with your musical talent!


    • I’d just like to think that I can dance and be calm in a storm. Been in enough “storms” but I haven’t been calm through all of them. It’s a goal of mine!