Sing – A Book Review

How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church
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I admit I thought this book would be just a simple read; however I was pleasantly surprised to find it packed with great information about how important our worship through sing is in our Christian life. This book covered not only the biblical part of singing but also how it can enrich our everyday lives. The tips they provided can be used by any congregation, no matter the size, to bring about a fellowship that can only be achieved through praising the Lord as a . whole family and not just a few participants. Every leader in the church should have this on their reading list.


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One thought on “Sing – A Book Review

  1. Michele,
    Wow-our own personal book reviews/reviewers! No wasting time wondering if a book is according to doctrine. You have a biggg responsibility..the book publishers chose the right people. It’s an affordable price and would be great for a gift. Thanks for the time and effort put into this type of witnessing.
    Keeping you in my prayers,


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