Spring will Come

“In winter it seems that the season of Spring will never come, and in both Advent and Lent, it’s the waiting that’s hard, the in-between of the divine promise and its fulfillment ….Most of us find ourselves dangling in this hiatus, which in the interval may seem a waste of time … But ‘the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.’ With such motivation we can wait as we sense that God is indeed with us, and at work within us, as he was within Mary as the Child within her grew.”

Poet Luci Shaw, in God With Us

Luci Shaw (born 1928 in London, England) is a Christian poet. Shaw studied at Wheaton College, Illinois and is now Writer in Residence at Regent College, Vancouver. She lectures on art and spirituality, the Christian imagination, poetry-writing, and journaling as an aid to artistic and spiritual growth.

3 thoughts on “Spring will Come

  1. Just those three words alone, spring will come, get an alleluia from me. Both literally and spiritually, spring is a joyful time full of possibilities
    Do you use “Hymn of Promise” in your church? It is a lovely hymn of hope and promise of the things that are “unrevealed until their season.” If you don’t know it, I will send you the words.


  2. I don’t think I know the hymn, why don’t you email the words and I will share for our new theme which is music and singing. I, too, feel uplifted, just by the words “spring will come.” I also like the idea that waiting enlarges us (like pregnancy). I think there is a Bible verse that speaks of “enlarging our hearts.”


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