The King of Love My Shepherd Is

I’ve been to several funerals already this year, no doubt an indication of my age and being the wife of a Pastor.  Of course, Psalm 23 is a familiar and comforting reading that is often used.  Meditating on Jesus as my shepherd has reminded me of this lovely hymn that expresses God’s agape love for us.


2 thoughts on “The King of Love My Shepherd Is

  1. Joan,
    After e-mailing a Christian friend upon hearing of the sudden death of her healthy delightful grandfather I read my favorite blog and had to share it with her. There is a time for everything..
    -Your prayer sister-
    God Bless You


    • I just returned from the funeral of a friend who also died unexpectedly. It is hard to understand, but our times are in God’s hands. We can be comforted in knowing that.


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