Individual Spiritual Direction

After I returned from my Via de Cristo weekend, I met with my Pastor for a number of years for individual spiritual direction.  This was a time which started with prayer, a time when I could talk about anything that was going on in my walk with God.  For me, it was a holy time, time set apart to focus on God.  I would often bring my journal, so that I could look back over the past month and see where my prayers, thoughts, dreams and study had been leading me.  It was always amazing to me to see how God brought the right combination of people, scripture, and opportunity into my life at the same time.  My Pastor would give me his insights on my life, ask me questions to guide me in the right direction, and sometimes suggest readings or other spiritual disciplines.  He was the person who suggested I take a course in spiritual direction myself.  There I learned more about all sorts of prayer (contemplation, praying with icons, praying with Scripture, etc..)  I read many of the Christian classics dealing with spiritual growth, as well as modern writers addressing the same topics.  I met Christians from other denominations  and saw that though we might disagree on many theological matters,  we could come together in prayer and listen to one another when it came to growing closer to God.

Since my husband became a Pastor and we moved, I have not found a personal director.  I content myself with mutual direction with friends, and group direction in my accountability (reunion) group.  However, I am always on the look out for someone who may serve in that capacity in my life again.  As the seasons of our lives change, we move on to different ways to grow spiritually.  All are valuable.

Are there others out there with experience in individual spiritual direction?  I’d be interested in hearing from you.