Praying for Direction

An inspiring image to use for meditation…

prayer for guidance

Prayer for Clarity
May your words be like a lamp that lights my way.
May your love be like a compass that gives me direction.
May your truth be like a signpost bringing clarity.
May your peace be like a measure that guides my decisions.
May your hope be like a flag that declares I walk with you.
May your words be in my mind,
Your love guide my feet,
Your truth be a sign,
Your peace be a measure,
And your hope be a flag,
As I walk close to you at this time.

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2 thoughts on “Praying for Direction

  1. Thank you for spiritually feeding me every day. My dad (Ken Diggs) attended St. Paul’s and my sister (Debbie McCutcheon) and I visit every once in a while. We hope to see all of you again soon. God Bless.

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  2. Cheryl, How wonderful to hear from you, and thank you for the encouraging words. Your dad was a wonderful Christian man and we all miss him. Hope to see you soon, too.


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