A Call to Christian Character-Toward a Recovery of Biblical Piety–Book Review

This book, published in 1970 and edited by Bruce Shelley, is a series of essays by professors at Conservative Baptist Seminary.  Piety is hard to pin down, and I found it helpful and interesting to note the different definitions given by some of the authors:

“(Genuine piety is) the living fulfillment of that summons of God reported in Leviticus 11:44-45, ‘Ye shall be holy for I am holy.'” Earl S. Kalland


“…piety is the performance of duty with delight…action in harmony with inner convictions forged by the spirit and the teaching of the divine Word.”  Joseph Edwards


“The essence of piety is to be like God, to do as He says and to love doing it.”  Robert Alden


“….piety is love in action.” Donald Burdick


“Biblical piety is devotion, not to an institution or cause but to a person, Jesus Christ. .. love for Christ (is) its motive and love for men and society is (its) proof” Ralph Keiper


“(piety is) … Anything and everything a believer feels and says and does as a result of the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit within his life.”  Bruce Shelley

Some practices/marks of piety mentioned included:  prayer, study of God’s word, obedience to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, trusting God in every issue, steadfastness, eagerness to be taught Biblical truth.

Verdict:  Well done and easy to understand. A good read for Christians who want to gain a better understanding of piety and how to live an authentically pious life.


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