Superheros Can’t Save You by Todd Miles–Book Review

If you can get past the title, this is a great book.  Sorry, but I grew out of my fascination with comics at age eleven, and I think comparing historic heresies to superheros trivializes a serious topic.  However you really can’t judge a book by its’ cover! Author Todd Miles,  who is a teacher at Western Seminary in Oregon knows his topic.  He does an excellent job of covering seven major heresies and 2,000 years of church history in a manner that most laypeople will find clear and understandable.

Superheroes Can't Save You: Epic Examples of Historic Heresies by [Miles, Todd]

Each chapter starts with his explanation of a particular superhero and how this hero represents one of the “bad ideas about Jesus.”  (You can skip this part if you like.)  He goes on to explain the exact belief of each heresy, the historic background, and how the heresy is manifested today.  Finally he lays out what the Bible says that discredits the heresy, and why it is important that it be rejected.  The chapter ends with questions for personal reflection or group discussion and suggestions for further study.

Verdict:  This is a very readable book for those who want to learn more about the complex issues of the Trinity and Christology.  It could easily be used for a group study. It would also be a good addition to any church library as it answers questions about some difficult theological concepts.  I think any reader will come away with a deeper understanding of the person of Jesus.  I would give it four out of five stars only because I didn’t like the silly pop culture theme — otherwise, it would be a five.

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