ColorFull by Dorena Williamson–Book Review

I loved this book.  The illustrations by Cornelius Van Wright and his wife, Ying-Hwa Hu are delightful.  Author Dorena Williamson presents her theme (we are all fearfully and wonderfully made) in a way that is winsome, realistic and easily understandable to young children.  God must love color!  It  is part of the wonder of His creation:  in plants, food, the world around us, and people.  We shouldn’t strive to be “color blind.”  Instead we should notice and admire the different colors of our skin, hair and eyes. Is your hair red, brown or blonde? Are your eyes brown or green?  Is your skin chocolate, vanilla or caramel? God made us ColorFull, not ColorLess.   All of our colors are beautiful and good.  That’s the way God made us to be and everything He created is good.

At the end of the book the author has included a Bible verse with suggested Scripture readings and thought questions that will be useful for parents and teachers who want to further explore and reinforce the topic.

Verdict:  Five stars!  This book will definitely go in our church’s Little Free Library collection.  To order, follow the link below:

4 thoughts on “ColorFull by Dorena Williamson–Book Review

  1. Have any of you ever read a children’s book called The Great Blueness by Arnold Lobel? It’s about a gray world that discovers blue and paints everything blue. Ultimately, it’s about the need for all of the colors. It sounds like it would be a good companion for this book.


    • It doesn’t sound familiar, but I’ll look for it! Thanks for the suggestion. Is it Christian? I thought my daughter Beth would like this book for her preschool classroom, but since it is overtly Christian she can’t use it. Maybe the book you’re recommending has the same theme but would be acceptable?


      • As I remember it, it is not Christian at all, Everything in the gray world becomes blue. Then they get tired of blue, and try painting everything yellow (or red or some other color). FInally, they decide that using all of the colors is the best plan. It is a great De Colores lesson in very simple terms- how by using all of the colors, we can paint rainbows in a gray world.


  2. I’ve ordered it through interlibrary loan, and hoping it may be something to lend Beth to use in her preschool class. Thanks for the suggestion. It does sound like “De Colores.”


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