Reframing the Soul by Gregory Spencer–Book Review

This was a new book I picked up at my local library recently.  It’s probably not for everybody, but I really enjoyed it.  Subtitled How Words Transform Our Faith, the author deals with language and how the way we use it affects how we view ourselves, our relationships with others, and even our faith.  For example, if you had a difficult childhood, do you choose to “frame” it with the language of bitterness or forgiveness?  When you “frame” our relationship with God, do you choose words of love and gratitude, or judgement and failure?  When you look back over your life story do you choose words of grace, or condemnation?

“We choose our frames, and then we live in them.  They form the structure of our lives, the “home” we carry around, which includes the “windows” through which we see the world.  Though words are not everything, the words we choose matter.  We can be transformed by them.  They affect our work and play, our faithful and unbelieving choices, our virtues and our vices.”

Reframing the Soul: How Words Transform Our Faith

I’m a word person, and so I like to think words make a difference.  Words are the way we think and the way we tell our stories. Calling an experience “disastrous” we make us think about it in a different way than labeling it “challenging.” As believers, we can choose to “reframe” situations by putting on the mind of Christ, seeing ourselves and others as imperfect and broken, but children of a God who loves and values them.  We can choose to “reframe” our memories by believing that God was in control and working things for our good, even when it didn’t seem that way at the time.

This book is both thoughtful and thought provoking.  It ends with some “reframing exercises and discussion questions.  I would recommend it as a great read for a small group or book club.


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