What does the Laity do? (Just a small list…)

Do you go to church every Sunday?  Do you just go to Sunday School and Church and then go home and watch the game on TV and think that you’ve done your thing for God this week?  Have you ever thought about what goes on during the week before church?

Let me give you a clue…  Members of the church that you attend are busy doing large and small jobs so that when you come in on Sunday morning, everything is set up.  The Sunday School teachers are planning their lessons.  The choir and organist are practicing the music.  Someone is typing and printing the bulletin.  Someone else may be setting up the overhead.  During this week the council met to make decisions on how the church is run as a business, taking care of bills and other boring things (yes, those decisions must be made as well).

I used to be one of the people that just came to church on Sunday.  Then I decided that I wanted to get involved.  I was amazed at how much activity goes into one service.  How much needs to be done and how many decisions have to be made.  Just like everyone else I thought the pastor took care of it.  But this is absolutely not true.  The pastor is busy with doing his thing, the shepherding, meeting people for counseling, going to see the shut-ins, visiting the sick, writing his sermon.

Then there are the people who are busy during the service. Ushers, greeters, sound techs, nursery helpers, scripture readers, communion assistants.   The list goes on.  It’s enough to make you feel guilty for just sitting in the pew, huh?  Good.  Volunteer for something.  Your church will find something for you to do.



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  1. Saw this and would like to share..Just because your in the pew-doesn’t mean your in the body.
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