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How do you react when something goes wrong in your life?  Do you get angry, sad, upset?  Do you blame others around you or you blame your “bad luck”?  Do you go by the saying “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy”?

My mom once told me that the mom sets the tone for the whole household.  She told me this when I was in a snit about some little thing that was going on.  I really didn’t appreciate her telling me this at that particular time, but I found out later that it was so true.

Our attitudes and the way we carry ourselves have everything to do with how others see and react to us.  When my husband was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor, I reacted badly.  Yes, I was a Christian at the time, but I was over whelmed.  I hadn’t learned how to put my troubles at the feet of Jesus and let him carry the burden.  A co-worker finally told me how hard it was to work around me and I felt so bad.  I never meant to affect others with my attitudes, but I was.  My co-worker knew what I was going through and didn’t want to confront me with this, but it had gotten so bad she had to say something.  From that point on I tried to be careful in what ever environment I was in.  Every day I worked at giving my burdens to Jesus and I slowly got better.

As Christians, we are being watched in every environment.  We are watched to see how we react to trouble.  People observe us to see how we live.  They listen to see what we say.  I feel we need to try to live up to Jesus’s standards in all parts of our life.  We can’t be a different person at work than we are at home.  We can’t switch our Christianity on and off like a switch.  We need to be authentic, loving Christians at all times.

Of course, we are all sinners and no one is perfect.  This is what we have to bring to Jesus daily.  Everyday bring the burdens, the heartaches and the troubles to Jesus and then don’t take them back.  Live one day at a time and let tomorrow worry about itself.  Walk out into your environment and show them Jesus.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Beth Ann. I smiled to myself when I read, “Every day…bring the burdens to Jesus; then don’t take them back.” Your sharing this is a kind and gentle reminder that i need to keep my heart in an attitude of prayer and in loving submission to His will. He never fails to have our best interests at heart.

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