Fanning the Flame Barbara G.’s story about Repentance

This post is taken from an article one of our Fanning the Flame Team Members wrote for the church newsletter.  It is shared with her permission and was written after the team listened to “A Call to Repentance.”

When you were a child did you ever get a big splinter in your hand or foot and then kept it a secret from your parents because you knew what they would do about it? The extraction came complete with a big needle to dig it out and then came the merthiolate that burned so bad. I had a younger brother who got a piece of hard straw inside his knee and he left it in there for several years because he wouldn’t allow my parents to take it out. One day he bumped his knee real hard and that piece of straw popped right out. It was a pain of another sort but it did the trick.

That’s how some of us are when we don’t want to make a change in our lives. Our lives aren’t really great….it’s just O.K. but we don’t like change because change is painful sometimes.

That’s how I was when I started F.T.F I thought I was a good Christian and I didn’t need anyone to fix it…I was O.K.  I’ll admit I was what I call a surface Christian. I didn’t want to fix anything or make it better because change hurts sometimes. Although I wanted us to have a chance to see how F.T.F. could help our church, I didn’t realize until after I started the program

Then I had my eyes opened to how much I really needed this program to help me grow as a Christian, like Jesus would want me to do.

To be continued…..

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