Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis–Book Review

Why would a middle class teenager who “had it all” choose to move to Uganda, thousands of miles away from her parents, her brother and the love of her life?

Why would she choose to become the adoptive single mother of thirteen girls?

Why would she open her home to ill, dying and needy people?

It’s actually simple.  Katie Davis loves Jesus and her greatest desire is to be in the center of His will for her.  Kisses from Katie is her story.  It humbles me and brings me face to face with the fact that I often say “no” to God’s will for my life, or worse yet, don’t even make an attempt to discern what His will is.  I need to repent of my headstrong desire to have my own way.  I also need to repent of my callousness toward others who have so much less than I do.


After reading Katie’s second book, which I reviewed last week, I was hungry to learn where and how her story started.  I highly recommend both.  These books are a wake-up call to American Christians (and I am one of them) who live their comfortable lives obliviously forgetting the Bible’s command to feed the hungry and help those who are without  basics like clean water, shelter, education and medical care.

Katie makes the point that we don’t all have to go to Uganda.  We can love those around us who need our care, one person at a time.  It’s not that hard, and it’s the only fitting response to those who have been saved by His grace.  Read this book.  It may change your life.



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