The Gift of Wisdom– Definition and Distinctives

Since I previously posted my husband’s sermon on wisdom, I thought our readers might like the actual definition of the spiritual gift.


Literal Meaning: To apply truth practically

Description: The gift of wisdom is the special ability that God gives to certain

members of the Body of Christ to know the mind of the Holy Spirit in such a way as to receive insight into how given knowledge may best be applied to specific needs arising in the Body of Christ.


  • Focus on the unseen consequences in determining the next steps to take
  • Receive an understanding of what is necessary to meet the needs of the

Body of Christ

  • Provide divinely given solutions in the midst of conflict and confusion
  • Hear the Spirit provide direction for God’s best in a given situation
  • Apply spiritual truth in specific and practical ways
Traits: Cautions:
Could fail to share the wisdom that God has given them
Need to avoid having others develop a dependence upon them which may weaken their faith in God
Need to be patient with others who do not have this gift
Common sense

References: Acts 6:3, 10; I Corinthians 12:8; James 1:5,6; II Peter 3:15

Using a good concordance, do your own study regarding what God’s Word says about this gift — its application within the various circumstances you find it in Scripture.