A Father’s Prayer–Book Review

I met the author of this book, Linda Wood Rondeau at the local senior center where she spoke to a small group of people interested in writing.  She told us her story of leaving her job as a social worker in her 50’s and launching a writing career.  She has now published a number of novels.  At the end of her presentation she allowed several of us to pick one of her books to take home.  I chose A Father’s Prayer because she said it dealt with an autistic boy;  I have two autistic nephews, so I was drawn to that topic.

A Father's Prayer by [Rondeau, Linda Wood]

This short novel falls into the genre of Christian romance;  frankly, not my cup of tea.  However, it may be yours.  It’s an easy read, predictable and formulaic.  The heroine, Alexis, returns home after the death of her parents to raise her adopted autistic brother, Gib.  Well-known country singer, Ethan Jacobs arrives on the scene to perform at a benefit for Gib’s school and takes a special interest in Gib.  I won’t say more to prevent this review from becoming a “spoiler.”  What follows includes romance, and the neat wrapping up of various problems encountered by Alexis and Gib, all presented within a Christian framework.

If you would like to learn more about Linda and her other books, you can visit her website:


She serves God through her writing, speaking engagements, and mentoring other writers.  If you are interested in writing, or need a speaker for an event, she would be a great resource for you.

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