A Disciplined Life

Many of you know that since May, I have been enrolled in a “Prevent Diabetes” class offered by the Department of Aging at the local Senior Center.  I thought I’d give this a try after lab results that showed my blood sugar levels were rising and I was very close to being classified prediabetic.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stick with the class or what results I would see, but having a diabetic sibling, I wanted to avoid the health complications that come with the disease, if I could.

Here’s what has happened.  I’ve lost weight;  my blood pressure (which was not a concern) has gone down;  I’ve added exercise to my routine, and my doctor says she’s very confident that my blood sugar levels will now be much lower!  I feel more energetic, and pleased with what I’ve accomplished.

Much of the work that has gone into these results has been tedious — counting calories, logging exercise minutes.  However, because I was working with a coach and a couple of other people with the same goal, it’s also been fun.  The changes happened bit by bit.  It’s been a process, but along the way, I’ve learned healthier habits.  Those disciplines have paid off, in some ways that are obvious, and others that are unseen.

It strikes me that the same kind of disciplines are needed to have a healthy spiritual life.  Here’s where the small groups we are forming at St. Paul’s come in.  Together we’ll be learning not just Biblical facts, but how to live a Biblical life.  We’ll have someone to coach us during our discussions;  we’ll encourage one another and hold each other accountable;  we’ll gradually develop healthier spiritual habits.  We won’t change overnight, but we will change.  I know it can work because I’ve already seen it happen in my physical body– I can’t wait to see what will happen in our spiritual body, the church, as we journey toward health together.

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Our first small group meeting is later this month.  This will be a “practice” round for new facilitators to get their feet wet, and for all of us to start developing our spiritual muscles.  I’ll keep you posted, as things move along.  Friends and readers, we need your prayers!

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