Know Yourself/Know God

This is another quote from my daily devotional.  The author is E.B. Pusey, who was an English Anglican theologian.  It reminds me that as we go through the Fanning the Flame process at our church, we’re learning to understand ourselves better, and that leads us to understand more about God — what He made us to do, where we fit in His Kingdom, how ever-present He is in our daily lives.  I hope you like it, too.

“God knows us through and through.  Not the most secret thought, which we most hide from ourselves is hidden from Him.  As then we come to know ourselves through and through, we come to see ourselves more as God sees us, and then we catch some little glimpse of His designs with us, how each ordering of His Providence, each check to our desires, each failure of our hopes, is just fitted for us, and for something in our own spiritual state, which others know not of, and which till then, we know not.  Until we come to this knowledge, we must take in all faith, believing, though we know not, the goodness of God toward us.  As we know ourselves, we thus far, know God.”

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My husband is the retired pastor of St. Paul's Free Lutheran Church in Leitersburg, Maryland. I have two grown daughters, three grandchildren and am retired after a career in Purchasing. I have published articles in The Lutheran Ambassador, Lutheran Witness, and Lutheran Digest. My Bible study on the Book of Acts was published in 2016 by the Women's Missionary Federation of the AFLC(Association of Free Lutheran Churches).

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