Are you Comfortable?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found the quote below to be true.  Sometimes God doesn’t get my attention until I’m uncomfortable.  I don’t take the trouble to change until I feel there’s so choice: until  I’m so miserable with the existing circumstances that I have to do something.  When I’m comfortable, I tend to forget about God — or at least His presence moves to the background.  I’m okay, so I don’t need Him.

To grow spiritually, we have to step out of our comfort zone.  At St. Paul’s we’re doing this in a variety of ways through our Fanning the Flame process.  We’re reading new books and considering new ideas.  We’re evaluating our gifts and our current prayer practices.  We’re going to be meeting in small groups and finding ways to invite others to journey along with us.  Most of all, we’re making God and our vision as His people part of every process.  We want to be doing the things He would have us be about, instead of simply “doing church” the way we’ve always done it in the past.

This doesn’t mean we have to give up treasured traditions, the traditional liturgy, or anything else about our congregation.  It does mean we have to be intentional about what we’re doing.  We won’t move forward in our spiritual lives by just existing day to day in the same thoughtless way.  Our faith wasn’t meant to keep us safe and comfortable;  it was meant to send us out into risky places, depending upon God to guide us.  This is the only way we’ll learn to hear His voice and depend on Him.

So, don’t keep marching in place!  Use those muscles!    Get uncomfortable!

So freaking true. If you arent getting uncomfortable you arent growing. I can remember a handful of times in my life when I took the easy way out of things to avoid feeling uncomfortable. You know feeling embarrassed scared like an outcast type of uncomfortable. Looking back on it I never really learned anything from those experiences because I always stopped myself from doing anything other than my normal routine. I was stuck and so close-minded about what a little discomfort could do to my li

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