I have times when I think about all the things that I’ve been through and I wonder if I made different choices how my life would be.  Doing this actually just deepens my depression because I think that if I’d done things differently I would have a better life now.

This kind of thinking is not productive.  We can’t go back and change our life.  We can only start today and move in a different direction.  However, to look back at your life can do some good in your life.  When I look back now I can see how the Lord has sustained me over the years, even when I wasn’t praising Him or giving Him credit for that time.  He has brought me through some really difficult situations that definitely could have been much worse.

Go back and change things?  I know I wish I could.  But I wouldn’t be the person I am now without those experiences.  I think this is why when MercyMe released this song that it so, so spoke to me.  Don’t we all wish that we could just speak to that younger me and tell them what we’ve learned today?  But as this song points out, we are one of the redeemed.  From this time on we are are to put our pain and hurt at the base of the Cross.



1 thought on “Regrets

  1. Beth Ann, Thank you for this post, including the link to Dear Younger Me. I’d not heard this song before. I admire your faith, which continues and grows despite the many struggles and disappointments you’ve experienced over many years. I thank you for your honesty and for your willingness to share your heart with others. Yes, there are things we’d do differently. But how wonderful that we can lay all the mistakes, all the sins and failures at the foot of the cross and begin anew. Please know that you are a blessing to me! 🙂


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