Vulnerable by Raleigh Sadler– Book Review

All I can say is WOW!  I didn’t  want to read this book at first — I ordered it from B&H Publishers because the book I really wanted to review was not available.  I know very little about human trafficking, and what could I do about that anyway?  Now that I’ve come to the end (lining up with our monthly theme, lol) I’m very glad I gave it a try.

First of all, Mr. Sadler defines trafficking — and it’s not all about sex and kidnapping.

“The act:  the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of people.  The means:  force, fraud, and coercion.  The purpose:  people are trafficked for “prostitution … or other forms of sexual slavery, servitude or the removal of organs.”

Putting it very simply, human trafficking is exploiting vulnerable people for commercial gain.

Who is a vulnerable person?  Anyone who has an unmet need.  This need can be material, emotional, psychological and/or financial.  If someone is homeless, undocumented, in the foster care system, or the penal system they are vulnerable to exploitation.

Often trafficking of vulnerable people is going on right around us, and we look right through it.  Sometimes the people themselves do not understand that they are being victimized — they believe they have consented, or are party to their enslavement.  They are in, or have lived in a situation where exploitation and demoralization are regarded as normal.

The theme of this book is that we are all vulnerable, and that:

“God motivates vulnerable people like you and me to love other people by his own vulnerability for us.”

Lost in our sins, we are completely vulnerable.  Yet Jesus became a man, vulnerable as we are, to die for us.  Do you believe this?  If so, action will flow out of this belief.  Maybe you are thinking that alone there isn’t much you can do.  However, the author stresses that

“Community is the most underrated tool needed to discover how God is calling us to love our neighbor.”

This book is full of eye-opening facts.  For example, as consumers, our supply chain is so infected with use of what is essentially slave labor.  In other words, people  around the globe are forced to work in slavery-like conditions so that we can enjoy our comfortable life style.  You can find out how much you contribute to world slavery by visiting

At the end of the book is a list ways to fight human trafficking, including many resources to learn more about the problem and it’s solution.

VERDICT:  The theology underlying the book is sound.  I give it five stars.  If you would like to purchase your own copy, follow the link below:




The Lutheran Ladies received a free copy of this book in return for an honest and fair review – Disclaimer pursuant to FTC 16 CFR Part 255

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