Alpha and Omega

“In the beginning . . .” some of most famous first words in literature.  Fittingly enough, these words are the start of the explanation of well . . . the first everything. The first light, the first water,  land, plant, star, creatures, and of course the first humans. And strange as it may seem to think of; the first creation of time itself was laid out as well. Because before God placed the stars in the sky there was eternity. An endless loop for an everlasting being.

However, we are not (in current state) Endless by any means. For us in this life everything has a beginning and must come to an end. From the very life within to the seasons and stages we experience. Time as a child, and student is limited. The season of parenting and nurturing your own children and of course as we age we come closer to realizing our mortality. Even nature has its seasons, it must obey the will of time also.

Yet, for believers, for our brothers and sisters in Christ, we have an escape. A great hope and certain comfort that our end here on earth (with our earthly bodies) is really a new beginning without end. Because  the fulfillment of God’s promise that he would send a Savior for His people; means that, as long as we believe in His Son Jesus Christ, we get to live with Him in heaven for eternity. Time no longer has a hold on us.

For as the last words of the Bible aptly states; ” . . . Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.” That is the Only way our end is not hopeless, but eagerly awaited. So be it.

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