Film Review — The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel

Recently I checked a 3-disc Lee Strobel collection out of the library.   The first one my husband and I watched was “The Case for Faith.”

In this documentary, Lee begins with the story of Charles Templeton.  In 1945, Templeton, along with others formed the organization, Youth For Christ, and Billy Graham became it’s first evangelist.  Over time, Mr. Templeton became disillusioned with the Christian faith and declared himself an agnostic.

Lee Strobel describes his own interview with Templeton and reveals the two greatest stumbling blocks which undermined Templeton’s faith:

  • Why is Jesus the only way to God?
  • How could a loving God create a world with so much pain and evil?

Strobel then attacks these two challenges with a reasoned exploration of the Christian doctrines underpinning these questions and why Christianity does the best job of explaining them (this is the discipline of apologetics). He begins with the doctrine of grace.  All men are separated from God by sin.  The solution is not making man better, but God’s grace.  Jesus is the only One able to solve the problem.  This idea of God’s grace is unique to Christianity and reveals the “stinkin thinkin” that “all religions are basically the same.”  They’re not.

Secondly, Strobel sets forth the Arminian doctrine of free will.  God created human beings with the freedom to choose, and our first parents chose to sin.  Evil, therefore, does not come from God, but from the wrong doing of man.  Note to Lutherans:  Lutherans and other Reformed do not believe that humans have the free will to choose their own salvation.  God chooses us, we do not choose Him.

Verdict:  This film was not as detailed a rebuttal as The Case for Christ and lacked the personal appeal of Lee Strobel’s own journey into faith.  However, it may be unfair to compare the two.  I give it 4 stars.  It is a useful exercise in apologetics for the average layperson.

3 thoughts on “Film Review — The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel

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